A HTML lesson is something every creative, blogger, and entrepreneur should have before launching their website. Learning the basics of HTML can help with making modifications to your website or blog in order to make it more personal.

I know the thought of learning code may leave you feeling like Jeanie Bueller when she runs into Ed Rooney... but I promise once you get the basics it becomes so much easier!

HTML Every Creative Entreprenuer Should Know

You may be thinking well Squarespace is a thing now and I actually don't need to know how to code. I hate to tell you this but coding is SO helpful in the creative/entrepreneurial world and YOU DO need to know simple coding! Squarespace is awesome but being able to do minor tweaks to your webpage is pretty important to help your website stand out!

So Let's get Started:
*Please note anything in a textbox is code you can snag for your website! Practice writing it out in a textbox or just copy + paste! Toggle the 3 lines in the right corner to expand a textbox
HTML Closing Tag

HTML image

First things first - What is HTML or Hypertext Markup Language?
HTML is equivalent to the brain in the human body. HTML is going to tell everything on your page what to do. it builds off itself and eventually creates your website! HTML includes items like your text, images, links, etc.

The Head Tag contains metadata. Metadate provides information for the document which can be anything from inserting your CSS to inserting your Pinterest data.

The head tag must be closed before you can begin the body tag.

When coding it REALLY helps to be able to add notes to help yourself differentiate easily between what code is what! Below is the code you can put in to help tell yourself what the code is for without it showing up on the page!
This is so helpful for labeling code from outside sites such as Google Ads or Pinterest.

HTML Closing Tag

HTML Body Tag


The Body Tag
The body tag is where your Website Content begins!

Header Tags
The largest a header can go is H1 and the smallest is H6

Paragraph Tag
A paragraph tag is perfect for setting up content with a lot of writting

Break Tag
Break tags can be used after pretty much anything to put a break in the page

S  p   a  c e   T a g
Space tags will add an extra space between type, images, etc.
*if you copy + past code REMOVE SPACES between symbols and letters!


Font Family
Be sure to only close the tag where you want this specific font to end (I suggest using the same on throughout your website!)

Font Color
Switch up the # or Hex Color with the colomr of your choice!

Font Size

Strong/Bold Type

Italic Type

Underline Type


Basic Image with Alt Text

Image with adjusted width and height
You can choose for the image to have a fixed width and height to best suit your website!

Responsive image


Basic Link

Image as a Link


Unordered List
Unordered Lists will be bullited

Ordered List
Ordered Lists will be Numbered

Be sure to always close your body and head tags once you are done coding your website! I hope you ladies found this helpful! Feel free to comment with any coding questions or shoot me an email at Happy Coding + Best of Luck Ladies!

HTML Closing Tag

HTML Closing Tag

xox, fem and fleur

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